Midas Digs

Midas Digs performs upbeat rock and roll as well as melodic acoustic tunes with the emphasis on intensity of feeling. These songs elicit emotion, with the lyrics matching the music to portray the experience of being broken, searching in the dark and discovery.

Daric Moore


Mike Morrow


Luke Ydstie


Lauren Jacobson


Mitch Iimori


Andrea Mazzarella


Sunshine Hazel



  Steal The Sky
  Desert Moon
  Grains of Sand
  Diamond Light
  Holly Grove


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When you tell me I'm fine when I'm feeling sublime I can make it alright
If I'm wound up too tight and there's no end in sight I can break anytime
When the stars are aligned and the sun gets to shine I can handle my mind
If the questions denied and my sanity's fried I don't know how I'll get by
When the waves break over my head, I’ll be caught in the tide
I remember the things that she said, when I broke down and cried

Stranded on this lonely shore, broken to the core
Nothing useful now remains just shadows on the floor

If you need me tonight I'll put my feelings aside I can take it in stride
I'll give you all that I can facing down in the sand I'm a broken man
I could lay down and die but there's no where to lie nothing left but to stand
I can give you my hand but my only demand is that you look in my eyes
When the waves break over my head, I’ll be caught in the tide
I remember the things that she said, when I broke down and cried

When you look into these broken eyes now tell me what you see no lies
I wish that I could realize there is no chance its no surprise
that we might find a compromise to save this heart before it dies


Where did I go wrong? When did the sky come crumbling down?
This gentle breeze belongs somewhere else then in my lonely song
I believe that my screams are wasted on
A brittle dream that shatters me now it won't be long
It will be bittersweet I walk alone
Through the trees I will cease to hurt anyone

The wheel spins again and now I make my deals
To conceal all the broken days that made me real
Mistakes reveal a million thorns beneath my bleeding heels
Cannot yield even as the devastation breaks my shield

I walk a mile beyond that old familiar place I once belonged
Now the trees are gone and the memories have come undone
The heavy clouds leave silver diamonds under naked feet
The meadow grieves as the maples cry for fallen leaves
The autumn breeze comes again and drops me to my knees
As I plea for the winter wind to swallow me

The wheel spins again and now I miss my shield
I'm revealed standing naked with my heart of steel
Can I heal if I don't believe my fate is sealed
Does the wheel hold the key I'm free to
Spin around and round and round and round and round and round and round


She has a mystery inside her soul thats sealed so tight
A secret in a safe inside her mind
She walks on wings so far above this place it seems she can fly
No wonder winter ceases when she cries

Into a wishing well a coin is cast a deal derived
Defying dangers that she can't deny
A fortress falling in the failing light of kingdom's decline
A whisper in the wind a sorrowful and soft goodbye

Steal the sky as light is fading following the flight of the moon
Kiss the horizon finally breaking she is forging fires her dreams will subdue

She wakes in wonder wanting whispers from the scenes in her mind
Scribbling secrets through her squinted eyes
Arresting images arising like a flood in the Nile
Drowning demons as the desert dies

She has a mystery inside her soul thats sealed so tight
A secret she cannot begin to find
It walks unhindered in the winter at the edge of her mind
A whisper in the wind that never ceases to survive


I stand atop a desert stone casting glances toward the moon
I feel the tearing gnawing burn of a distant gaze
Darkness covers me in the night broken only by the moon's light
I feel the glint of warming soothing glance of a distant gaze
I feel my inside scream I'm torn from seam to seam
I'm drowning inside my dream the moon reaches out for me

I look beyond the desolate landscape
beyond the mountains and shadows they make
Into a sea of joshua trees groping upward toward the moon
I see no further this night astounded by the trees in their plight
to grasp the fleeting glimmer of light cast downward by the moon
Without a noise my eyes are lifted beyond the desert sight is gifted
my senses toward the moon are sifted I reach for a dream

Lady of the light wrap your arms around the night
Cast away the lonely gaze that settled in my sight
Lady of the light I feel your touch with me tonight
rising in me like the desert moon

Back into the desert loneness from without comes chilling stillness
Once again I stare unblinking longing for her touch
unfading her light grows strong wrapping all the desert in her arms
I feel the dark abyss fading from caress of her gentle touch
As the shadows begin to turn I feel a fire inside me burn
Toward the desert moon I yearn to see her once again

Until I see your face again I'll stare into the moon and then
I'll be calling, calling, calling, calling


When I look to the sun close my eyes you are gone
Many words on my tongue no one hears I’m alone
When I look to the fire blackened ashes my desire

Fire is her nature and the fire of her blood it pulses hot
And I know her passion is the fire that ignites my oily heart
New ideas are brought to life within the fire of her creative spark
And I feel the pain when all the fire is gone and all I see is dark

Didn’t I didn’t I didn’t I feel the fire in my veins
Couldn’t I couldn’t I couldn’t I let the fire sear my pain

Waking from a dream I feel the sweat run down my face I’m burning hot
Wondering all night if I have burned the only precious thing I’ve got
Cannot seem to find the means to live inside this bonfire that I’ve wrought
Hoping that the flames surround me purging this resentment in my heart

You.....you know all the secrets in my heart
When your flame is burning I cannot
Stand inside the fire that you start
Deep inside my chest but let it burn let it burn let it burn let it burn
and purge......purge......purge the pain down deep inside

When I look to the sun close my eyes you are gone


He came home yesterday his thoughts were far away
The walls had all come down he sank into the ground
He wandered aimlessly until he found the sea
To wash away his blame that made him go insane
And when the ocean’s tide has covered all the beach
The rocks he used to find are now beyond his reach
And when the tide recedes he falls down on his knees
And filters through his hands the grains of sand

Slipping through the fingers of the hands that hold back time
Trying to hold on to all the pieces of my mind I run away
To the shelter of the cliffs beyond the bay saying
no no no no no no

He crawls into a cave regardless of the wave
That threatens at his feet to drown him in the deep
Tucked inside that womb he wishes for a tomb
A wet and icy grave in the darkness that he craves
And in that black cocoon he hears a wonderous tune
A melody so sweet his heart begins to weep
And when the ocean’s tide returns him to dry land
He falls down and retrieves the grains of sand

Slipping through the fingers of the hands that hold back time
Trying to hold on to all the secrets of my mind I run away
To the safety of the cliffs beyond the bay saying
no no no no no no


Wake me up shake me out when my head's askew
Pour me out fill me in twist my point of view
Drag me along turn me on ride me when you do
How can I be so blind when I am faced with you

Open up these eyes of mine breaking up these chains that bind
Take me to a place sublime into you I'll pour the great divine

Take me up break me down roll me in the glue
Spread me thin wrap me in lift me from the blue
Pull me apart stretch me beyond crush me and make me new
Why am I able to fly when I am here with you

Into the dark that drowns me....under the skin that surrounds me
Drawn by the light that confounds me.....there lies my gold


Feel the pull come suddenly like a storm upon the sea
Lightning strikes dramatically illuminates the urge inside of me
Whispers from this open tomb shapes confused in this gloom
Sparks have flown and then they grew flames have grown and then withdrew
I've been here waiting hoping for you
Anticipating walls we'll break through

Listen to the tune writing itself inside of you
Following the Muse anywhere she leads you too

The north wind blows incessantly commanding in its reverie
An old man wanders wistfully ignoring his fragility
Wake up dreaming fitfully cornered by futility
Fearful of debility fleeing from insanity
I've been here waiting trying to get through
I've been mistaking what you might do

Chasing shadows running on the other side
Voices climbing up the ladders of my mind
Pulled into the black hole of this great divide
All my reason cast aside

Whirling twirling unconfined all my senses realigned
Watching time slip by as I notice my worn out patterns redesigned
Edges of myself collide disparate pieces coincide
Understanding this simple piece I've missed all resistance now subsides

Disappearing deep inside pulled into this great divide


Four little red-wing black birds lined up on a wire
One little flips and flies away drawn by something higher
Eight canaries caged and mute lit by candlelight
Seven wake up to sing their song and one slips into night

Sixteen restless school boys prowling around the town
Fifteen swear to wolfpack rules but one gives up the vow
Thirty-two young musicians trying to make the scene
One breaks down and feeds his fear and gives up on the dream
Sixty-four days and double the nights of worrying and regret
Trying to find a way through the maze that I haven’t escaped from yet

A hundred and twenty-six postcards sent from foreign lands
Each one tells a different tale of one confusing man
Double again the number of afternoons I’ve tried
to comprehend the thousand days and different ways I’ve died
One single sunset slipping into the sea
Standing alone waving goodbye its me....with me


You don't know why I do what I do I see it in your eyes this confusion inside
Each of my feelings comes rough like a diamond
All of the facets of pain I can't easily hide

Diamond light will never fall easy crack the dawn it will still come to rise
Close your heart it will shatter completely
Open your eyes in the dark when you say your goodbyes
But the light never dies

I don't know why I fail to believe you when you say we can bridge this divide
How many times have I failed just to leave you
after I felt the regret of the love I denied

Digging for jewels inside those kimberlite mines
There in the dark I uncover the diamond confined
Cut the gem shape it and polish it all by design
Standing aside I call on the beauty to shine

Here we are meeting again at the crossroads underneath this black ponderous sky
Standing there wondering which way that we'll go
but I see a small shimmering light in your eye


Standing in this holly grove tortured by a dying crow
Choking in the heat waves on the road
With or without my senses I still can feel the burning eyes
Staring from the stinging of my lies
Ripped apart I lost control haunted by the bloody crow
Days and nights I want to go back into dreams that soothed me long ago

Tangled in the memory of the image of a wingless dove
Trapped beneath the longing of my love
Understand I wish I could die inside this ancient wood
Pierced and bleeding still misunderstood
Finally I am all alone lost inside this holly grove
Bent beneath the boughs under the weight of waiting watching for the crow

But I know there's no way
To convince you to stay
I could throw it away
But I know that's no way

I know the time has come and gone to choose the road that leads beyond the stagnant water steaming in an endless bog that swallows even sunlight and consumes the shred of sanity I stubbornly cling to
But blue light comes into the deepest night creeping like a fog it seeps into my second sight seemlessly it wraps a veil around the sadness sunk in my eyes

Whispering voices all around carried by a haunting sound
Calling me discreetly underground
Questions deep down in my soul digging to escape this hole
Buried in the fate to which I'm bound
I need the crow to re-awake to save me from this awful fate
Rising with the wingless dove to carry me to peace somewhere above



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